Android Pentesting Portable Integrated Environment: Appie

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Android Pentesting Portable Integrated Environment: Appie


Appie is a software package that has been pre-configured to function as an Android Pentesting Environment on any windows based machine without the need for a Virtual Machine(VM) or dual boot. It is completely portable and can be carried on a USB stick or your smartphone. It is one of its kind Android Security Analysis Tool and is a one-stop answer for all the tools needed in Android Application Security Assessment, Android Forensics, Android Malware Analysis.


Which tools are included in Appie ?


  • Java Runtime Environment(JRE) and python installed, so you can run Appie on even a freshly installed windows installation.
  • Mozilla Firefox with some security add-ons.
  • Nearly all UNIX commands like ls, cat, chmod, cp, find, git, unzip, mkdir, ssh, OpenSSL, keytool, jarsigner and many others.
  • It has also had vulnerable android applications like Owasp Goat Droid Project Configured and InsecureBank-v2 to test your skills on them.


Difference between Appie and existing environments?

  • Tools contained in Appie are running on host machine instead of running on virtual machine.
  • Less Space Needed (Only around 1.5GB required compared to at least 10 GB of Virtual Machine)
  • As the name suggests it is completely Portable i.e it can be carried on USB Stick or on your own smartphone and your pen-testing environment will go wherever you go without any configuring changes.
  • Awesome Interface



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